New Wave Burritos FAQ

Burrito Delivery - Louisville, KY

New Wave Burritos Menu

Q: How hard is it to answer a phone?! I called three times!

A: We encourage ordering your burritos online through our website as this will be easier and faster for you. We have an order online button at the top of the website or you can ORDER HERE.

Q: Do you guys have vegetarian options? What about vegan?

A: Yes. The Clive was designed as a vegetarian option and is perfectly vegan if you leave off the cheese. We’re also happy to substitute rice and beans for the chorizo on the Vacation burrito if you eat eggs.

Q: What is the Vacation? Why isn’t it on the menu?

A: The Vacation burrito is the breakfast burrito: scrambled eggs, chorizo, sour cream, Golden Velvet queso, pickled red onion, tater tots, and scallions. We’re just waiting on the artwork to print beautiful, accurate menus with all five burritos, the chips, the sides of queso and guacamole etc. Also, it is on the menu now.

Q: Can I order if I’m well wrecked?

A: Welcome to Saturday night.

Q: Why don’t you guys deliver nachos or tot-chos?

A: We experimented this for a long time and never found a satisfactory way to get them to your door without them becoming a soggy mess. There are simply too many variables. Acceptable packaging for transit was also an issue. You can, however, get them to-go and take them home yourself.

Q: I really don’t mind if they’re soggy. Please bear in mind I’m well-wrecked.

A: We endeavor to keep the quality as high as possible.

Q: Do you bozos cater?

A: Yes. Contact us for a quote.

Q: I live juuuust outside of the zone. Will you guys still deliver to me?

A: No. We’ve had to change this recently. Now that we’re set up at The Cure Lounge and selling burritos inside it no longer makes sense. However, it is now very easy to get carry-out or eat-in burritos, nachos, and tot-chos.

Q: But you’ve been here before!

A: It’s not you, it’s me. Stay golden.

Q: What if I tip extra?

A: We appreciate your commitment to burritos and our delivery folk.

Q: What if I order, like, six burritos?

A: Then it’s more like “catering.” Give us a bit of lead time and we can probably make it happen.

Q: Are your burritos any good the next day?

A: Yes! You should get a few and experiment.