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Late Night? We Deliver

  • Burrito Was Perfect

    “I got the Basher and everything about my burrito was perfect. The meat was extremely tender and juicy but you didn’t have any leaky mess or excess of liquid. The seasonings were spot on nothing overwhelming or in excess. The wrap on this thing was amazing…I ate most of it in the car with no mess at all. I will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu. Oh and they got cool <span class=”highlightNode“>pinball machines</span> and lots of good beer.”

    Leslie C.
  • Delivered SO Quickly!

    “Not only was my food delivered SO quickly, less than half hour from the time I ordered it. The burrito was AMAZING! I got the Clive and added chicken plus a side of chips and queso. Whatever the magical ranch dust that’s on those chips is, I’m now hooked!”

    La Toya
  • Can't wait to eat there again!

    “I’ve been wanting to eat for a while and it did not disappoint! I had “the garbage burrito” and my husband had “the vacation” and we both really enjoyed them! We were pleasantly surprised by how delicious the chips were too. New Wave delivered to us at The Old Louisville Brewery which made it that much more awesome. Can’t wait to eat there again!”

    Anna P.
  • Best I've Ever Had

    “I tried this place for the first time tonight &amp; it was awesome!! Loved the apple wood burrito &amp; the cheese dip was great!! Even the salsa was very different but great!! OMG…the guacamole dip was the best I’ve ever had. You can tell it was really fresh &amp; green!! MUST try!!”

    Haley R.